Nail art hacks that are certainly going to change the way your nails look

Are you someone who is obsessed with her nails? Do you love to wear nailpolish always or do different kinds of designs and nail art on your nails? Do you spend half of what you earn every month on manicured and pedicures from expensive salons? If answered yes, you’ve clicked on the right post. Nails have to be taken care of rather than just keeping them decorated. But there are many who love their nails but are not able to take proper care of them as they’re ignorant about the best nail hacks that they should follow.

Are you one among such women who would love to know about the few nail care hacks that can not only help you keep your nails perfectly in shape but will also let you use nail art in a proper way. Here are few hacks you should know of.

#1: Use petroleum jelly or craft glue to line your nails

You may have planned to work on a specific look on your nails which might get messy. What are you supposed to do? Take a ball of cotton and use it to rub petroleum jelly on the skin which lines your nails. The petroleum jelly works in the form of an obstacle which bars the nailpolish color from coming to your skin. Even if it does, you can simply wipe off the jelly and there will be no stains of nailpolish anywhere.

#2: Play with the basecoat to prevent chipping off

Do you find your nails chipping off from the upper portion of the nails? If you want to prevent this from happening, you can paint the first layer of base coat on the upper half of your nails and then apply another layer on the entire nail. This will keep the lower layer thicker towards the nail ends. The nailpolish on the tip of your nails will last longer if you apply this hack as that portion is more prone to chipping off.

#3: To brighten your colorful nailpolish, use white nailpolish in the base

Is your nailpolish extremely opaque? Unless it is so, there is a natural color in your fingers which can alter the entire look of your nailpolish. If you’re trying hard to achieve the actual color of the nail paint, make sure you add a white nailpolish as the base coat and then apply the colored nailpolish on top of it.

#4: Use paper hole reinforcement stickers to paint half moon

While you can use nail polish stencils to create nail art, you can also use reinforcement stickers on the base of your nails and seal it with the use of a dotter tool. Paint the initial coat on each nail with the stickers and allow it to dry for at least a minute. While removing the sticker, be careful with it.

Therefore, if you love to create nail art on your nails for a stylish party look, use the above listed hacks to make the task easier.